Fanacc: Kim Jaejoong FM in Vietnam

11 Nov

This is rather a really long fanacc and it’s purely based on my memory so the order might not be 100% accurate. To start off, I am a JYJ fan with no biased though to be honest, Jaejoong was the one who turned me into a devoted fan 7 years back. This is my first time writing a fanacc ever as it also is my first time meeting a piece of JYJ in person. God knows how grateful and thankful I am that he chose Vietnam as his last Asia fan meeting destination.

In the early morning of Nov 09 upon receiving the news that Jaejoong was departing for Vietnam, my friends and I decided to head to the airport and join the crowd welcoming him. Tan Son Nhat Int’l airport was covered in jj/jyj banners and shaken by fan chants “Kim Jaejoong – welcome to Vietnam”. A lot of foreign visitors stopped to take pictures with our prince. His flight was supposed to land at 11:50 however it was delayed and finally landed at 13:50. He exited through VIP gate on a trendy black Mercedes with police officers and security team riding in front and behind his car. I didn’t get to see him as he took the back seat and the window was painted black but I am pretty sure that he could see all of us and the love we had for him. Indeed, we couldn’t have stood orderly under the blazing sun – 38 Celsius degree for hours if it wasn’t because of our deep love and respect for him. I heard he had gone back to the hotel and rested before headed to SECC (FM venue) for rehearsal at 6pm.

On the day of the FM, I made my way there at 3pm and the FM supposed to start at 7 pm. There were no official goods sold so I bought a light stick from Cieljj. The fansite was so nice to give me a banner which said “believing in you” and asked me over and over again to not use this banner during the FM so not to block the view of the persons behind and only show itt the end of the FM when Jaejoong said his final words.

The security was very strict, bags were checked and a lot of banners/LED Boards of unrelated artists were confiscated at the entrance. I entered the venue at 7pm and the FM started on 7:20 pm. “No filming” rule was strictly enforced and the staffs were very quick to act on yunjae banners throughout the FM.

The FM kicked off by selecting 15 winners who will play games with Jaejoong on stage. Jaejoong appeared from the right side of the stage, wearing black skinny jeans, black blazer and a printed navy t-shirt underneath. His hair was slightly wavy and ghosh he looks dashingly handsome. He sang “I’ll protect you” and hit every high note perfectly. I know this has been said many times but I’m going to repeat it here, recorded files don’t do his voice any justice. It is so soothing and full of emotion. You could really tell that he was totally emerged into the song, as if at that moment the song and our jj were one.

After the song finished, he greeted “Xin chao”- hello in Vietnamese. When asked what is his impression of Vietnam on the 2nd time visiting the country Jj said  he is very happy to be here in Vietnam and present in this special event. He loves Vietnamese cuisine and especially likes “Pho” – our traditional Vietnamese beef soup, and usually eat it back home. He ate Pho 2 times yesterday and said Pho in Vietnam tastes much better than in Korea. Fans said we can make Pho for him and he said “make it really spicy”. The MC teased by asking what is his address so the fans will deliver the food to his door. Jaejoong shyly said “my house is really small”! They asked him when will he get married and Jaejoong smile cutely and said “I am still young”, he then covered his face in embarrassment and continued “even when I become older, you will keep supporting me, right?” and flashed a satisfied smile when we fans replied “yes”. The MC asked “what is his idea type?” and he said “my idea type changes all the time, so now the image gets blurry”. Jaejoong elaborated further but I couldn’t hear because the crowd was shouting “Yunho” really loud. He smiled awkwardly but the noise quickly died out when the staffs ushered them to stop.

Next, a board with fan’s questions was brought onstage. The MC picked out the questions because it seemed like those questions were all in Vietnamese. But Jaejoong is really considerate. He asked for the chosen post-it-note from the MC and looked at it for around 2-3 seconds. The first one was “oppa, could you please say I love you?”. Jaejoong was shy again, turned his face around, and in hesitant (probably trying to recall the words) and then finally said “Toi yeu cac ban” – I love you all. Fans screamed in madness. When asked which song that described hmself the most, Jaejoong answered “wasurenaide” he sang a bit of it and the audience sang along. He smiled ever so brightly after that. The third question was “oppa, my younger brother is a fan of yours and he wanted to know what you eat to be so handsome”. Jaejoong busted in laughter and said “I am not handsome”, fans disagreed so he continued “but I think I have characteristics” – I think he means his 4D charm :’) He said “eat more vegs, less meat” and then “eat all things moderately” ROFL~! Another request to ask him sing his favorite song, then fans chanted for “No gain” and Jaejoong said “but that’s not my favorite song”, feeling unfair and then continued “but since you asked for it, I’m going to sing a bit of it”. Another fan request asking him to do aegyo, he stood up, turned around looking at the big screen, grinning from ear to ear and said in disbelief “10 years and you still ask me to do this?” we showed him our watery puppy eyes and he asked “where is the camera” and walked around to finally pointed at the camera (his gesture when he was looking for the camera was like in “Until the sun rise – NG cut”, the part where he pointed at Kim Ji Won and walked away when she was using his toothbrush – I swear I could die right at that moment). He looked straight to it and put his right index finger on his cheek, and smile shyly.

Next, a fanvid was showing and he said “I love it that the fanvid in Vietnam is so energetic” and “Ao Dai – traditional Vietnamese dress, is really beautiful”. A couple of cute photos from Dr Jin, Protect the Boss and It’s hard to say I love you were showed on the screen and he was asked to re-enact those poses. Jaejoong said “it’s not him in the photo” and then “ It’s me but it’s not me”. Pointing at the last photo was the one he stand near his black van, with the black head band hung tightly around his forehead, and hand formed a V sign and lips are tightly shut he said “ah, this is me” and re-enact the pose. We all pointed at the screen and the MC said “to your fans this is when you are most beautiful” and he turned back to see the reflection of himself on the screen and he was embarrassed.

Next we got a peep into his bag, in it he took out passport, a bvlgari perfume, a fan letter, an apple, headphone, ipod, headache medicine, phone, wallet, Kiel lip balm, another Kiel lip balm and yet another Kiel lip palm, eye drop, 2 adapters, a mirror, Neutrogena hand cream, a rose and a phone cable. He said “I only bring unnecessary stuffs today”, “ I don’t usually carry perfume with me but as I get older, I feel the need to”,  “the lip balm is small and I didn’t see that I had already put them in my bag so I ended carrying 3”, “the rose was given to me by a fan before the FM”, “my wallet is big right? But it doesn’t have anything in it asides from credit cards and a few Indian notes”. He checked every compartment meticulously and finally declared his bag has been emptied out. As he slowly put his stuffs back inside the bag he smiled shyly and said “I feel so embarrassed putting them back in by myself”.

A short break in between and Jaejoong was back on stage making kimbap. He wore a white shirt underneath a knitted baseball sweater, a black bow tie and a pair of skinny jeans with creamy green color. He started by tasting the ingredients and asked if the audience is alright with carrot and winter melon. He said “foods made by me normally taste really good”, “this dish is simple yet yummy”, “foods mixed by hands are the best”. He started putting rice on a mixing bowl, then minced ingredients (carrots, winter melon and pineapple), added salt then oyster source and using his hand to mix them up. Then he put the mixture in a triangle plastic mole, filled it up by half, pressed, added crab meat and then another layer of rice mixture and pressed. As a finished touch he added black sesame and wrapped seaweed over the rice, put it on a plate and decorated with 4 green grapes. He made 2 in total. There was a moth (even a moth couldn’t resist him) flying over the cooking table area and he blew it and tried to chase it away. Five lucky fans were invited onstage, they had to do aegyo and our prince acted as the referee, only 1 lucky fan will be fed by him. The way Jaejoong showed fans where is the camera I swear half of the 3000 fans’ hearts skipped a beat. His gesture was extremely funny and adorable. Fans lined up, face facing the audience and camera. Jj stood slightly on the left, sometimes leaning on the white cooking table and gazed at the screen eagerly. The first fan tilted her head a bit to Jj’s side, hand forming a V and flashed an awkward smile. Jj laughed so hard and mimicked that cute pose 2 times. What a troll! I lost touch of what the other 4 were doing as I was busy staring at his back side (I was sitting on the 6th row from the stage, left side right behind where Jj was standing). In the end, after the winner has been decided by us fans, Jj put the plastic gloves back on and fed the girl. He looked so nervous and watched her every move as she chewed the food. The fan said the food was really delicious while jj disbelieved and tasted the food himself. He said it’s a bit bland. He was really caring. The organizer allowed fans to take the remaining jj’s handmade kimbap with them but while seeing his fans were struggling to find a holder, he immediately stepped forward, put the kimbap on a glass bowl and took a glass cover then placed it on top *heart melted*

The next game was same as the Nanjing FM, 10 fans 8 chairs and Jj was the game controller. Two of 10 fans were eliminated each round and he said “they lost because they have small butt” ROLF~! As they played the final round, Jj stopped the game and said he can’t decide so he is going to gift the 2 last winners each with a personal photo. Jj looked shy but OMG, I saw for myself how he tilted his head, lick his lips and worked the camera angle to his advantage.

The light was dimmed as the MC announced that jj is going to sing “living like a dream”. Without fail, our jj delivered another goose-bumped performance. The hall was in absolute silent and everyone started to tear. The venue was then brightened with yellow lighting and we showed him our banners “Believe in you”. Jj said “thank you for loving me and supporting JYJ”, “I really enjoyed the time spent”. He promised to work harder and come back to Vietnam with Yoochun and Junsu for world tour concert and FMs. The whole venue was showered in beautiful white glittery confetti as he gave his final speech. And just like that the FM has ended. 1,5 hours – and for me it was really “living like a dream”.


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11 Nov

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